Kyokushin Cup 2018 Glasgow

Kickfit Club sent a squad of 7 to compete in their first tournament from the Tallaght dojo in the 5th All UK Open Kyokushin Cup 2018 Karate Tournament in Weight Divisions Men’s Woman’s and Junior’s Kata & Kumite which took place on the 7th April 2018 in the Arc Gym, Caledonian University, Glasgow.


Two girls participated in the kata competition and five (1 female and 4 male) in the kumite. Our greatest success was had by Abdullah who received a trophy for achieving 3rd place I his kumite weight category. Senpai Tarek Rejeb came 4th in his weight division, with the rest winning their first fights. Students are encouraged to train hard if they want to be selected to compete in our next tournament which will be announced in the coming months.


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