The benefits of Karate for children

Getting your child to learn and practice martial arts is not just about giving them the ability to defend themselves in the playground it gives benefits way beyond that which can also have positive impacts in other areas of your child’s life.

Let us start with the physical benefits. We are all sick of hearing that our children should get one hour of physical activity at day, which doesn’t sound like much but no child wants to be playing outdoors in the rain or cold which covers about three quarters of the Irish annual weather. Karate is a fun way of getting your child to reach this target without them having to get wet. We all know that physical activity is key to combating childhood obesity. Karate fulfils the five components of sports; flexibility, strength, endurance, agility and cardio vascular exercise.

It is very difficult to teach a six year old about goal setting, they just may not get the long term concepts. In our regular karate gradings your child can have the challenge of meeting their goal to constantly improve on their learning and move up through the belt and strips system beginning with a white belt and eventually achieving their black and each step of the way you will see their confidence grow.

Katas are complex patterns of strikes and kicks and learning these can help a child to improve their focus and memory. All our moves or instructions have Japanese names which also must be memorised so it is also good for developing language skills.

Self-discipline and Social skills are important in Japanese martial arts. Children must follow class rules and show the instructor and their class mates respect by bowing at the beginning and end of a class. They must also learn how to win and lose gracefully.

As martial arts require you to show up in a clean uniform and a neatly tied belt your child will learn responsibility as they will quickly find out that if they don’t follow this basic rule they cannot participate in class


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