Kyokshinkai Rules in the club

When entering or leaving the Dojo, stand in the doorway, face the front, bow and say "OSU". This represents  respect for the Dojo and the fellow member in it.

•Students should do their best to be on time for class. If you come late for training, kneel at the side of the class towards the back, facing away in SEIZA (formal kneeling position). When the instructor acknowledges you, stand up, turn to the front , bow and say "OSU" then "Shitsurei Shimasu" (excuse me for disturbing), then quickly join the back of the class.
•Traditionally the training hall is a revered place; therefore students shall not wear hats or caps or use foul language on the school premises. Also, shoes are not permitted on the dojo training floor.
•Do not practise Kumite unless instructed to do so. Do not ask a higher grade for Kumite. However if a higher grade asks you for kumite you must not decline.
•Do not break rank for any reason, without asking permission from the instructor. If you must leave your position, do not walk between the instructor and the class. Walk behind the row you are in to either side and proceed from there.
•Always address the instructor and seniors by their proper title (SENPAI, SENSEI, SHIHAN, HANSHI) inside the Dojo. Acknowledge them with a loud "OSU" when they speak to you.
•Your training should be a serious matter. Do not laugh, giggle, talk or cause disruption during the class. You should always stand in FUDO DACHI when awaiting the next command.
•All directions, by instructor, should be obeyed in the Dojo, without question. You will not be asked to do anything that your instructor has not done him/herself already. If you cannot keep up, do the best you can. Students shall answer their instructor's or senior's questions or instructions with a loud "Osu" and proceed with an immediate reaction to his or her command. A slow or indifferent response is discourteous.
•Always move quickly in class when instructed to do something. DO NOT STROLL.
•Keep fingernails and toenails short and clean.
•During the break: No sitting on chairs, leaning against the wall or lying down. Do some training rather than waste time.
•It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the Dojo is clean, tidy and safe at all times.
•Your karate-gi must be neat and washed clean at all times. Your belt should NEVER be washed, only aired dry. It symbolically contains the spirit of your hard training. Only under exceptional circumstances are male karatekas allowed to wear t-shirts or other clothing underneath their karate-gi (e.g. Extremely cold weather, outdoor training etc). In these cases you must first get permission from your instructor and the t-shirt must be white.
•Do not remove any part of your Do-Gi during training without being told to do so. Also, if you must adjust your Gi at any time during training, do so quickly and quietly while facing the rear of the room.
•To prevent possible injury, students shall not wear jewellery, watches, or other sharp adornments during class. Prescription eyeglasses are permitted, however, during Kumite (free-fighting), their removal or the use of contact lenses is strongly recommended, as is the use of shinpads, gloves, breast and groin cups.
•Due respect should be shown to all senior ranks and elder members. All students shall stand up and say "Osu" when their senior or any black belt enters the room.


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