Understanding Grading

Karate training is excellent for self-discipline and keeping fit, and we all know that by attending regular classes we are going to improve.

Why have grading? Surely, we all have had enough of exams in our lives? How else can we chart our progress? Grading is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals
The grading is like stepping stones on the path to a student’s goal of Black belt. A grading represents that a student has reached a competent level with their current techniques and are ready to move on to learn and develop more advanced techniques and skill-sets. When a student has completed their minimum time-period and lessons on a particular belt, and have gained a strong grasp of the technical requirements for their current grade, they will be invited to attend for grading. Students are only tested on the techniques required for their belt grade. Both Tallaght and Dundrum dojo are graded together every six months.
The grading and ranking of the martial arts belt vary depending on skills and styles. However, for all disciplines, it typically defines the degree of the martial artist’s knowledge and practice.  The general rule is that the knowledge that a martial arts master has gathered during his/her practice is formed into a system and certain styles in-order to transfer it to their students. the current ranking system for the belt is the Dan ranking.
Beginners would start with the white belt and as they continue their practice, they would progress to red, blue, yellow, green to brown before receiving the highest rank, the black belt. Each belt has 2 kyu with the exception of the black which moves from 1st Dan to 10th Dan.  Gaining a colour change in belts does not come automatically – usually it takes about four or five years of committed practice to go from white to black belt.


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