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I was born in a small village outside Tozeur in Tunisia in 1972. I attended the local school where for boys, life was tough, as in any small town. There was no sport hall in school, gym for kids or after school classes. As I grew older I bought some home training equipment but I knew little about sport training.  When the opportunity arose and the first karate club opened in my town, I took some formal karate training, this wasn’t until my early twenties. We had three karate classes per week but I continued to work-out by myself every day.

By 1998 I had earned my Kyokushinkai black belt and shortly after that time I moved to a city far away for work and could no longer continue to train with my class. Through the years, I maintained my fitness regime. I moved to Ireland in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2012 that I found a local dojo and began my formal karate training again. I worked in a sedentary job and I always wanted to make a career out of my love for sport so I left my job and went back to college.
I was awarded a FETAC level 5 certificate in Sports Recreation and Exercise in 2015 and I attained my Level 6 qualification in 2017 along with additional qualifications in Pilates and Personal Training. My knowledge in Nutrition, Physiology and Sports Psychology gives me an edge in delivering my training to a junior or an adult audience.

My first child was born 2011 and I wanted her to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and in 2014 at the age of 3 she was the first student in my Little Champion class in Tallaght. My first son was born in 2014 and he also joined the class as soon as he could walk at just over 1 year old. The class has continued to grow over the past few years and because of demand I have now added several other classes in Dundrum. I am also now teaching Pilates in Tallaght.

I am presently member of the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan organisation based in the United Kingdom, having a keen interest in the world of Martial Arts and following the increasing popularity of MMA. I decided to join, as a new challenge, the Latar Do organisation in Europe. I hope to teach and grow the Latar Do organisation in Ireland in the coming years.

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