Latar Dō

Adam Bisaev, was born in 25th February 1966, in the former Soviet Union, modern Russia.

His immersion in Martial Arts started at a very young age. At the age of 13, Judo became his first initiation in the world of martial arts. Two years after, he explored boxing before joining, at the age of 16, the world of Karate.

In 1983, he won his first regional tournament of Karate Dō. During his military service, from 1984 to 1986, he took part in the regional tournament for Judo and successfully achieved a podium success. He took the 3rd place. In 1987, the University of Grozny invited him to teach Karate training. In 1988, he participated in the tournament of the USSR called “Combat” and won the first place.

In 1989, Kyokushin Karate was brought to his attention. He was trained by masters such as Shihan Tanjushkin (Moscow), Shihan Stepanov (Sverdlovsk). He also attended courses led by Shihan Ingo Freieer (Germany).
In 1991 he took part in the "Russia Open" for Karate Kyokushinkai and reached the second place.
In 1992, his students won first and second places at the Russian Championship for youth.
Although, Adam Bisaev had already been the official trainer for Kyokushin karate in Russia and had trained karate for 15 years and some of his students had 2 kyu, he was prevented by some instructors in Russia to gain his 1st Dan. Therefore, much later, he passed his 1st Dan exam in 1997 in Ukraine at the Shihan Blisnuk.

Since 2003, Adam Bisaev has been living in Austria. In 2004 he opened its first combat sports club in Austria. In 2006, he passed his 2nd Dan exam under the supervision of Kancho Tezuka and Shihan Brogelmein. Adam Bisaev had to take 25 fights. During the third fight, he got a broken rib. He pursued the other 22 fights with a broken rib.
In 2007, Adam Bisaev became the Official Branch Representative for Karate Kyokushinkai-Tezuka Group in Austria. In 2009 he received his 3rd Dan in Japan (with 30 fights).

In 2010 he became, President of the Austrian Organization of Karate Kyokushinkaiakan.
In 2013 he received his 4th Dan of Kyokushin karate from Kancho Tezuka and 5th Dan of Latar Do from the International Board of Latar Do.
In 2013, he became President of the International Organization Latar Do.

Latar Do - Universal Martial Art

It is a new direktion of martial arts, arose as a combination of different martial arts and consists of techniques from Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing
The head office of the organization is located in Vienna, Austria.

Latar Do have 3 main parts:
1. Fights ( freefight, like mma)
2. Self-defence/ Street fight(like Jiu-jitsu)
3.Fitness training/Kata (exercice from Gymnastic, Yoga)

"Latar Do" has a belt system (from 10 to 1 kyu and from 1 to 10 Dan).
For new members "Latar Do" recognises theirs belt, which they have obtained in various directions of martial arts, in the presence of certain technical conditions.

Latar Do

The logo was created by Shihan Adam and include the term Latar-dō
Latar meaning "fight"
Dō meaning "way"

As reminder the word, karate-dō means the way of empty hands.
Kara meaning "empty"
te meaning "hands"
Dō meaning "way"


Main Location:
Unit 2,
Greenhills Business Centre,
Greenhills Road,
Tallaght, Dublin 24

Other Location:
MYD Youth Club,
Apollo Business Park,
Dundrum, Dublin 14

Phone: +353 (0) 852 701 039